I was doing some reading up on the diet supplement Alli.  I’ve seen it on TV a bunch and just wanted to see what it was about.  

I found a message board for women who take Alli and talk about it and give each other advice.  They were talking about the side effects that occur if your meals contain more than 15g of fat.  Just some nasty nasty stuff…  digestive system wise.   And just, ew. 

So needless to say they all were talking about how closely theykeep an eye on their fat intake.  Oh, they’re also amazed about how normally they lose like a half pound a week and they’re loosing like 2 or 3 a week now. 

Um, could it be because you’re being all psycho about your fat intake?  And it actually has very little, if anything, to do with the Alli?

So I think I’ve made a decision.  I’m going to save myself the $60+ and just watch the fat intake.  I’m pretty sure it’ll work just as well and is a hell of a lot cheaper.

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