Still here… just busy…

So I decided like 3 days ago to pick up crocheting again.  And decided yesterday to make a baby blanket for a friend whose Baby Sprinkle… (has anyone heard of this?  Apparently all the rage for 2nd and after babies)… is at the beginning of March.  I’ve made 2 of 49 squares and then I have to put them together and then make a border.  Holy lot of work!  

The breakfast for dinner thing seems to be working out well.  I’m down, finally.  I’m starting to see a difference…  on the scale, not physically yet, of course.

I forgot my sneakers at work the past two days, oh and much to my chagrin given the 3 inches of snow we had on the ground this morning.  But sadly this means the treadmill hasn’t been treaded for a few days.  

But I didn’t want anyone to think I disappeared or gave up.  I’m still here.  Hands flying over yarn as fast as I’m physically able…

One Response to “Still here… just busy…”

  1. Windsor Grace Says:

    Just want to say that the squares go by fast and I just of love you for letting yourself have a 5 guys night. Awesome.

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