Kryptonite, thy name is Five Guys.

Ok, for the time being I’ve forbidden myself from complaining that the weight isn’t coming off because tonight?  Yeah, tonight was a Five Guys kind of night. 

Let me say this… 

–  If you’ve never been to a Five Guys.

– If you love burgers.

– If you’re trying to lose weight.

Back away from the Five Guys.  Don’t even enter the place because the smell in that place?  It’s like an aromatic orgasm, I swear.  I’ve never had such good burgers. 

We went for the first time about 4 months ago and we went tonight.  And maybe once every 4 months isn’t bad, but when you’re there…  oh, it feels oh so bad in just the best way. 

Ok, enough with the food porn. 

I need to get this under control or else everyone is going to stop reading because you’re all gonna get annoyed that I started this blog to lose weight and apparently doing nothing to make it happen.  I promise I’ll do better.

One Response to “Kryptonite, thy name is Five Guys.”

  1. txtingmrdarcy Says:

    OMG I just tried Five Guys for the first time a few weeks back. With my love of all things cheeseburger, that was a mistake. BIG TIME.

    Be strong, chica.

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