Oh my God it’s here.

The cake.  The cake is here.  It was my goal to not even lay eyes on it, but I happened to be in the kitchen refilling my water cup when owner man came into the office and he brought with him the most scrumptious looking cake.  I don’t even know what to do.  Every inch of me wants to go in there and get a big ol’ piece of it.  But I know that I can’t because I can’t just go in and get a sliver, that’s not in my make-up.  No, it has to be like 2 inches across at it’s widest point or it doesn’t even count as a piece.   Nevermind that the cake is also about 7 inches tall.  7 inches of yummy chocolatey goodness, 30 steps away.  *sigh*  Oh, Lord, give me strength…

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