They’re totally mocking me…

One of our owners here is a chocoholic.  About once a week he brings in these yummy store-bought brownies.  Mother of God, are they ever delicious.  Last week wasn’t a problem.  Last week I wasn’t here, with you guys, doing this.   This week I am.  And maybe down the road, say on day 22 or 536, a brownie won’t kill me, but on Day 3???  Holy Danger Zone (cue “Danger Zone” from Top Gun).  

I am happy to say I only have 9 minutes left of this torture because the brownies are openly mocking me, but they will still be there tomorrow and I’m sure they’ll be just as ruthless and that same owner has said that he made a cake for his son’s birthday and he’ll bring in whatever is left tomorrow.  Seriously?  There will be yummy brownies AND homemade dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate and coconut icing in there tomorrow.   One of my coworkers tried to be helpful by saying, “Do you LIKE coconut?” like it was the worst tasting thing in the world, to which I replied with a very mournful, “Yeeeessssss…..”.   

I got all my water in and I’m looking at 2415 steps so far today.  So hard to get the step count up at work.   I tried going to the mailroom each time I had a piece of mail ready, but at some point I have to look at the productivity vs. getting in more steps ratio.  I’m getting paid to work, not to walk. 

I’m sitting right around 1000 calories so far today, but I don’t anticipate any big dinner, so I should be fine in that regard.  And once again all the water is down.

Gearing up for the 13 minutes on the ‘mill tonight.  Wish me luck.   I’ll post later I’m sure as TV SUCKS on Wednesday night.  



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