Well, I woke up this morning…

So day 1 didn’t kill me.   Not that I thought it would, but I had my doubts.  I mean, I actually went on the treadmill 2 days in a row.  Certainly the world must be ending, right?   Apparently not.  I’m here and breathing and I’ve got my first round of water, ate my half of peanut butter on wheat sandwich and parked at the end of the lot again. 

The weight was up a bit this morning, which I totally expected given the sheer amount of H2O I have floating around in me.  It’ll be a couple days until my body adjusts to having this much water. 

It’s about time for work to get underway and I already have to run to the restroom (here’s to upping the step count!), so I better get going.   High hopes for a good day.  It’s only up to me. 



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