The day comes to a close…

I don’t know that I’ll always post 3 times in one day, but it is the first day so I feel drawn to blog.  I want to do this and I want to stay on point, so I feel like the more I touch base with this blog the better chance I have of doing that.

I’m currently at 3801 steps for the day.  That includes 11 minutes (one minute more yesterday) on the treadmill.  So by the time I go to bed I’ll be right around 3900.  Totally not as bad as I thought.  I actually thought I wouldn’t break 800.  Parking at the other end of the parking lot worked out pretty well.  That alone was about 680 all on its own.  Then with the water…  well nothing ups the step count like running to the bathroom every 25 – 30 minutes. 

Speaking of water, I did get through all 64ozs that I wanted to get through, so I’m happy about that. 

Dinner was probably about 850 calories, so I’m within the 1700 that is my top calorie intake, but considerably over the 1200 calories I’d like to be closer to. 

All in all a fairly successful first day.  On to tomorrow.



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