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Kryptonite, thy name is Five Guys.

January 29, 2010

Ok, for the time being I’ve forbidden myself from complaining that the weight isn’t coming off because tonight?  Yeah, tonight was a Five Guys kind of night. 

Let me say this… 

–  If you’ve never been to a Five Guys.

– If you love burgers.

– If you’re trying to lose weight.

Back away from the Five Guys.  Don’t even enter the place because the smell in that place?  It’s like an aromatic orgasm, I swear.  I’ve never had such good burgers. 

We went for the first time about 4 months ago and we went tonight.  And maybe once every 4 months isn’t bad, but when you’re there…  oh, it feels oh so bad in just the best way. 

Ok, enough with the food porn. 

I need to get this under control or else everyone is going to stop reading because you’re all gonna get annoyed that I started this blog to lose weight and apparently doing nothing to make it happen.  I promise I’ll do better.

Apparently I just shouldn’t eat… ever.

January 29, 2010

I’m almost to the end of week 2 and so far…  nothing.   I’m getting really frustrated, as usual. 

I don’t even have anything else to say.

A Shift in Eating Pattern…

January 27, 2010

Ok, so having a normal size dinner doesn’t work for me.  I ate carefully yesterday.  The day before, Monday, I wasn’t overly hungry come dinnertime and so I had pop-tarts for dinner.  Yesterday morning I was down in weight. 

This morning I was up.  The only difference was the size of the dinner.  So here’s what I’ve decided, and I’ve heard of this before, but now I think I’m actually going to do it.  A bigger breakfast, a regular lunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner.   I’m going to see how this works out for me, because the regular size dinner just isn’t work. 

I went on the ‘mill last night.  15 minutes.  Alternating between 2.7 and 3.0mph.  I want to work on keeping at a sustained 3.0mph. 

I forgot my pedometer this morning so I’m pretty bummed about that, but it’ll be ok.  I ended yesterday at like 4960 or somewhere around there.  

Pretty ho-hum entry today, but I’m in a ho-hum state of mind.  Billy Joel actually was going to make his song just that…  but then thought New York would work much better.  Good call, Billy…  good call.


January 26, 2010

After a week of trying to be good and do things right I am finally back to where I started. I was up 3lbs at one point that first week, so I guess my body went hardcore into WTF mode and is only just now back to thinking I might not be crazy for doing these horrible things to it… like making it walk more than 400 steps a day.

My steps have not been good though. Oh, they started out well enough, but after that and especially on the weekend when I’m not at work? Awful. Yesterday was 4007, due mostly in part to it raining and not parking far away at work. The day before that I flipping forgot to wear the pedometer (THAT is how it starts, people, I have to nip that in the bud), Saturday a laughable 2395, Friday 3850, Thursday 3916, Wednesday 5506 and Tuesday 6310. How I will ever get to 10000 steps? Can you spot the non-treadmill days? How about Thurs, Frid, Sat AND ya’ll, I totally did not get on the treadmill like I said I would.

But I did last night. In my new sweat clothes and I did the unthinkable. I sweated. Physical beads of sweat. Holy grossness. But I’m going to do it again tonight. I’m going to beat this weight and this sweat phobia.


Weekends are HARD

January 23, 2010

Holy crap, guys. I’ve had NO water. My steps may not even get to 3000 and the food has been abysmal. Abysmal. I’m really worried about it and I’m going to do better tomorrow.

One good thing is we got our Christmas gifts from hub’s godmother and I’ve been, distressed, I guess is a good word to use about my lack of clothing good for the treadmill. I’ve been wearing just regular clothes and hub’s says that it’ll help me lose weight better if I at least break a sweat. I know he’s right, but there are few things in this world as much as sweat. Mine, other people’s… I don’t even like having sex if I think it’s warm enough that hub’s will break a sweat cuz just, yuck. Sweat and feet. They’re both like kryptonite to me.

Like, I said, though, I know he’s right, but I don’t want to go buy clothes just to sweat in… lo and behold, I got sweatpants and a sweatshirt and a few long sleeved t-shirts from my godmother-in-law…. is that even a real term? Well, it is now. At any rate, score! But then we left them in the car by mistake and ya’ll, it’s cold outside. So when we run our errands tomorrow I’ll make sure I grab them.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I’m sure of it.

On a completely unrelated note, congratulations to Heather and Mike Spohr who welcomed their 2nd daughter to the world last night, Annabelle Violet Spohr. I don’t even know them, but I can think of two people no more deserving of joy. Visit them here.

A Very Helpful Site…

January 22, 2010

THIS SITE is amazing.  I’m so happy I found it.   I’m thrilled beyond words.  Awesome.   Though I canNOT imagine doubling my water intake to 124ozs. I think I’d die. Or float away. But at the very least I guess I’m going to bump it back to 64ozs and then try to increase from there. This woman is almost exactly my age and she did this amazing thing. Between her and hubs, I’ve got two very good people to listen to. So I’m going to. Why should I try to do this like I’m treading new ground and have to figure it all out for myself. I don’t. I just need to take what other people have done and run with it. I’m practically giddy over this woman’s site. It was like a Godsend. YAY!!!

You can have your cake and eat it, too…

January 21, 2010

You know…  if you’re not me.  I’ve made it through the day!  I didn’t eat any cake and haven’t eaten any brownies!  

I’ve made the decision to scale back on the water for the time being to 48ozs a day.  The reason for this is because I’m peeing like every 15 minutes.  To me, that’s just not normal and it’s really cutting down on my productivity at work.  Another reason is because the scale keeps going up.  Yes, I’m a daily weigher.  I’ve heard opinions either way and this is what works for me.  So while my official weigh days are Mondays…  every day is a weigh day.  

At any rate, with cutting the eating and drinking the water and walking more I’d hoped to see at least a slight change.  But nope.  2lbs up from Monday.  Hubs did burst my bubble a little bit yesterday by telling me that only by walking more than 15 minutes at a time AND reaching my target heart rate will I burn fat.  Otherwise, I’m really just burning the sugar from the day.  Which he did totally assure me was also a good thing.  Then he gave me a hug.

Why do I listen to hubs about this stuff?   Well despite the fact that he does have about 50lbs to lose, he has lost 135lbs.  And he did it without a diet plan, without surgery, he just made the decision and did it and went from 335 to 200.   He actually got all the way down to about 185 but just looked sick.  So 200 is where he wants to be and right now he’s around 250.  He’s been holding there for about 3 years.  But he’s done it, he’s been there.  So yeah, I tend to trust him on these things.

We’re going to the movies tonight.  Sherlock Holmes beckons, so I better get going.  But thank you to anyone that is still coming here.  I see that you are.  So thank you.

Oh my God it’s here.

January 21, 2010

The cake.  The cake is here.  It was my goal to not even lay eyes on it, but I happened to be in the kitchen refilling my water cup when owner man came into the office and he brought with him the most scrumptious looking cake.  I don’t even know what to do.  Every inch of me wants to go in there and get a big ol’ piece of it.  But I know that I can’t because I can’t just go in and get a sliver, that’s not in my make-up.  No, it has to be like 2 inches across at it’s widest point or it doesn’t even count as a piece.   Nevermind that the cake is also about 7 inches tall.  7 inches of yummy chocolatey goodness, 30 steps away.  *sigh*  Oh, Lord, give me strength…

13 minutes? I laugh at 13 minutes…

January 21, 2010

I got on the ‘mill last night with the intention of doing 13 minutes having done 12 the day before that and 11 the day before that and so on…

Well, I got on it and American Idol happened to be on.  A show I normally hate, but it’s in the audition phase, which is, in my opinion, the best part of the show.  So I was watching that while on the ‘mill and at one point I looked down and saw I’d done 7 minutes.  That made me happy since it meant I was more than half done.  When I looked down again?  13 min.  43 secs.  So I kept going and went on to 15 minutes.  So yay me!! 

The only negative from yesterday was that my step count was down.  I was 5506 for the count yesterday.  I keep trying to figure out what the difference was with those 500 steps and I think I figured it out.  I had said before how I pick hubs up at work at the end of the day and Heaven help me if there’s a mechanic in the restroom changing back to his street clothes.  Well, when I got there on Tuesday, lo and behold, much to my bladder’s chagrin, there was a mechanic who had just entered the restroom.  So I danced around and hopped around a bit and then I just started walking laps around an Audi A6 that was in the shop.  I don’t know how many times I walked around it to try to distract myself from impending disaster, but it was a good many.  So yeah, I’m thinking that’s where the extra steps on Tuesday came from.

Well, it’s totally time to start this work day, so here we go…  off to another fun filled day of insurance.   Bah!!

They’re totally mocking me…

January 20, 2010

One of our owners here is a chocoholic.  About once a week he brings in these yummy store-bought brownies.  Mother of God, are they ever delicious.  Last week wasn’t a problem.  Last week I wasn’t here, with you guys, doing this.   This week I am.  And maybe down the road, say on day 22 or 536, a brownie won’t kill me, but on Day 3???  Holy Danger Zone (cue “Danger Zone” from Top Gun).  

I am happy to say I only have 9 minutes left of this torture because the brownies are openly mocking me, but they will still be there tomorrow and I’m sure they’ll be just as ruthless and that same owner has said that he made a cake for his son’s birthday and he’ll bring in whatever is left tomorrow.  Seriously?  There will be yummy brownies AND homemade dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate and coconut icing in there tomorrow.   One of my coworkers tried to be helpful by saying, “Do you LIKE coconut?” like it was the worst tasting thing in the world, to which I replied with a very mournful, “Yeeeessssss…..”.   

I got all my water in and I’m looking at 2415 steps so far today.  So hard to get the step count up at work.   I tried going to the mailroom each time I had a piece of mail ready, but at some point I have to look at the productivity vs. getting in more steps ratio.  I’m getting paid to work, not to walk. 

I’m sitting right around 1000 calories so far today, but I don’t anticipate any big dinner, so I should be fine in that regard.  And once again all the water is down.

Gearing up for the 13 minutes on the ‘mill tonight.  Wish me luck.   I’ll post later I’m sure as TV SUCKS on Wednesday night.